Welcome EduTECH players!

Welcome EduTECH players! We’re so glad you’ve joined the game.

You are a collective intelligence rivaled by no other: 8000+ innovators and decision makers representing the entire life-cycle of learning, from all levels of schools, tertiary education, vocational training, workplace learning,  and libraries.whoattends

whoattends-2Together, you can examine the future from tens of thousands of different angles… and you can expand our global view of the future by sharing what’s unique about the future of education in Australia, New Zealand, and across the Asian-Pacific region. We can’t wait to see what you see!

You’ll have 24 hours to play, starting at noon on May 31. Immerse yourself in the world of the “Learning Ledger”, and tell us: What excites you about this possible future? What worries you about it? If this scenario were real, and you were living in it, what would YOU do?

See you in the year 2026!

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