Unlock an Achievement!

Earn a special honor during the game by inspiring or surprising other players! Here are the achievements you can unlock. If you receive one, you’ll see it pop up on your profile page… and in the activity feed so everyone can celebrate your awesome contributions.

Here are the achievements up for grabs.

The "Well I Never" achievement icon. Icon is of a glowing magic wand.

Well, I Never!!!

We are pretty sure that today you imagined something that no one has ever imagined before. Thank you for taking the future in such a surprising, intriguing, unexpected direction.

The "Comedy" achievement icon. Icon is of a two googly eyes.

Comedy Award

You remind us that the future can sometimes be silly, ridiculous, or absurd. It’s important to not always take the future so seriously!

The "Eyes Wide Open" achievement icon. Icon is of two eyes...wide open

Eyes Wide Open

Your shadow imagination has helped the entire community see more clearly the biggest problems and challenges we might face in the future. Thank you for making sure our eyes are wide open!

The "Leaders Make the Future" achievement icon. Icon is of a crown

Leaders Make the Future

You led an important team effort on the Foresight Engine today. You rallied a team to imagine one future from every angle possible. You brought attention to an important topic. Well played!

The "Innovation Award" achievement icon. Icon is of a glowing lightbulb

Innovation Award

You did something amazing with the Foresight Engine that we’ve never seen before. You came up with a new way to play with the future! Well done. We can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

The "Sherlock Holmes" achievement icon. Icon is of a magnifying glass.

Sherlock Holmes

You are an extraordinary investigator. You ask questions about other people’s futures and help us all understand them better!

The "Action all-star" achievement icon. Icon is of 3 stars.

Action All-Star

You have a plan for the future. You come up with practical, inspiring steps anyone could take to make their best-case scenario futures more likely – and their worst-case scenarios less likely.

The "Storyteller" achievement icon. Icon is of an open book.

Master Storyteller

You don’t just think about the future. You imagine it in vivid detail, tell a great story, and take us all on an epic journey.

The "Friend of the Future" achievement icon. Icon is of a heart.

Friend of the Future

You are one of the most powerful voices of support in this community. You shine a light on the futures that other players create and help everyone’s future be seen. Thank you!

The "Hope for the Future" achievement icon. Icon is of the sun.

Hope for the Future

Your positive imagination has inspired the entire community today. Your ideas give us hope for the future!

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