The Travel Ledger

The on-demand work culture is creating more mobility. Workers aren’t tied to particular organizations in particular communities for long periods of time. This shift sets up the conditions for more mobility and travel, and travel itself becomes a source of edublocks…as well as a potential source of income.

Foresight Engine Card: In Response To:  Could we include alternative forms of education? Not every person or every subject is best taught in a classroom.  Absolutely. One alternative would be learning abroad. Instead of traveling being often an expensive rare experience, I would travel to earn.In Sarah M’s imagination, edublocks seem to create a virtuous cycle, where people get paid for learning that happens when they travel, and that learning, in turn, increases their edublock assets, which might be spent for additional travel…and more learning.

Travel has always been a source of learning, and some people have managed to make it a source of earning as well, serving as guides for those who will follow them:

Foresight Engine Card: In Response To:  I would be rewarded for being a great world traveler (not your everyday job skill) and have a chance to grow this skill even more.  World travelers share their experiences with travel outlets which provide them Edublocks & help them to earn. What a fun job!But in a future where The Ledger documents the quality of learning and the value of it in both monetary and cultural terms, there are other benefits:

Foresight Engine Card: In Response To:  What would YOU want to do in this future? What great things could happen?  I feel like the global community would be much closer. Travel more accessible. Borders become obsolete. High quality of optionsIn this future, travel might replace the campus as the default “mode” of both learning and earning.