The Ledger of Ages

As of early afternoon today, we had over 1000 people contributing ideas to the Learning Is Earning 2026 vision. Just in case, you’re wondering how we skewed by age, here’s a pie chart of age groups:

earnlearn 3.9 early PM user ages

The right side of the pie is folks under 35. The left side is those over 35.

Now, some big caveats. Not everyone created a user profile with age information…in fact, more than half of you didn’t list an age. So we don’t actually know if this chart is representative of the group as a whole.

Also, the age intervals in the profiles weren’t even, so we did a little data massaging to get them more or less comparable. Don’t try to write your masters thesis based on these numbers!

But it’s great to see a wide range of ages engaged in imagining a future where there are new opportunities–and new challenges–for learning and earning.