Expanding the scope of what is tracked on the Ledger

In the Learning is Earning video scenario, the Ledger is being used to track Edublocks–things you learn. But players are thinking about ways to track skills and experiences that aren’t normally on a school transcript.

For example, player Emily Schoerning suggests using the Ledger for community activism and organizing.

Investigate card text reads: I think that could be one of the skills tracked by THe Ledger - activism and organizing. How would we know a person was effective at this?

Player PD brings it to a more practical level. What if we could teach and track basic life skills, such as filing taxes, buying a car or a home?

Imagine if schools taught basic life skills, taxes, buying cars, a home, and guidance on how to manage money.

And player YG invites us to think about putting skills to use outside of work in the traditional employer/employee relationship. Imagine: what if the Ledger could track the skills and experiences of individuals in a community so that a group can understand what resources are collectively available? Then they can use that knowledge and data and to coordinate a project that could benefit a neighborhood, a soccer league, or a PTA group?

Card text reads: Honestly seems like it could be fun. It wouldn't all have to be employer/employee relationships. Maybe coops could form as well.

What do you think would emerge in a future in which what you study is tracked , but so are all of the projects, jobs, gigs, and challenges you’ve used what you’ve learned to complete?  Come imagine the future with us at Learning is Earning 2026!

35 hours remain for all of us to imagine a future in which learning is earning in 2026!

Thirty-five hours remain for all of us to imagine a future in which Learning is Earning in 2026! In the first hour, players imagined 199 futures, many of which prompted others to react and respond.  These interactions have uncovered new insights and new implications for the future of learning.

Image of cards that have other cards built on top of them. Graphic visualization of a set of conversations.

Reacting to the scenario, many players, such as Deborah Chad, saw a future in which learners could tailor and curate what they study.

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 9.48.45 AMOther players imagined that the learning is earning future would motivate people to take small actions today, rather than, as PopMythology.com explains, “fantasizing of sweeping changes.”

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 9.41.10 AMAnd a number of players reacted to the future scenario with concern.  What if you are unable or do not want to be tracked?  What about the soft skills that emerge for being physically together in a classroom?  What if, as Cindy Baskin, provokes, young people begin to define success by monetary achievement only?

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 9.47.17 AM

Join us at Learning is Earning 2026 as we imagine the future of learning!





Unlock an Achievement!

Earn a special honor during the game by inspiring or surprising other players! Here are the achievements you can unlock. If you receive one, you’ll see it pop up on your profile page… and in the activity feed so everyone can celebrate your awesome contributions.

Here are the achievements up for grabs.

The "Well I Never" achievement icon. Icon is of a glowing magic wand.

Well, I Never!!!

We are pretty sure that today you imagined something that no one has ever imagined before. Thank you for taking the future in such a surprising, intriguing, unexpected direction.

The "Comedy" achievement icon. Icon is of a two googly eyes.

Comedy Award

You remind us that the future can sometimes be silly, ridiculous, or absurd. It’s important to not always take the future so seriously!

The "Eyes Wide Open" achievement icon. Icon is of two eyes...wide open

Eyes Wide Open

Your shadow imagination has helped the entire community see more clearly the biggest problems and challenges we might face in the future. Thank you for making sure our eyes are wide open!

The "Leaders Make the Future" achievement icon. Icon is of a crown

Leaders Make the Future

You led an important team effort on the Foresight Engine today. You rallied a team to imagine one future from every angle possible. You brought attention to an important topic. Well played!

The "Innovation Award" achievement icon. Icon is of a glowing lightbulb

Innovation Award

You did something amazing with the Foresight Engine that we’ve never seen before. You came up with a new way to play with the future! Well done. We can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

The "Sherlock Holmes" achievement icon. Icon is of a magnifying glass.

Sherlock Holmes

You are an extraordinary investigator. You ask questions about other people’s futures and help us all understand them better!

The "Action all-star" achievement icon. Icon is of 3 stars.

Action All-Star

You have a plan for the future. You come up with practical, inspiring steps anyone could take to make their best-case scenario futures more likely – and their worst-case scenarios less likely.

The "Storyteller" achievement icon. Icon is of an open book.

Master Storyteller

You don’t just think about the future. You imagine it in vivid detail, tell a great story, and take us all on an epic journey.

The "Friend of the Future" achievement icon. Icon is of a heart.

Friend of the Future

You are one of the most powerful voices of support in this community. You shine a light on the futures that other players create and help everyone’s future be seen. Thank you!

The "Hope for the Future" achievement icon. Icon is of the sun.

Hope for the Future

Your positive imagination has inspired the entire community today. Your ideas give us hope for the future!

Join us now at LearningIsEarning2026.org to add your future.

Awesome Games Sometimes Break the Internet

IFTF updated the Foresight Engine (TM) platform with brand new technology for the futures games of 2016. We have added features such as mobile card play and big build card data visualization and many other features!

  • This included recent focused improvements for speed and performance upgrades from February’s massive Envision UCDavis game (with over 24k futures played).
  • Just like the speed of innovation and the evolution of most new social technologies—much like life and the future—unforeseen things can always happen.
  • While we have the utmost confidence in our platform certain dynamics come with the success of lots of engagement and we could still break our games in new ways because of things we don’t yet understand.

Image of a dictionary excerpt that reads: In·ter·web ˈin(t)ərweb/ ; noun: humorous ; plural noun: interwebs; the Internet."


Again—it is new technology AND it is a game and a social experiment. We encourage all players to approach our games with a relaxed, playful, and patient mindset.


When thinking about the future we always encourage those who co-think with us to be comfortable with some risk, disruption and uncertainty. (Our colleague, world-famous Game Designer Jane McGonigal, reminded us that all of her biggest successful public games have broken at some point).

We encourage the player whole community to embrace the fragility that comes with gaming and total unexpected success and most of all BE PLAYFUL!

A Few Tips:

  • PLAY EARLY. Game starts at 9 am (CST) on March 8 and runs for 36 hours only. For best results we recommend playing early.
  • PLAY FROM TWITTER. If you find that there are breaks, time outs or application errors, people can always play cards via Twitter with the game #LearnPositive and #LearnShadow hashtags.
  • REMEMBER, Be patient, gameful and playful.