FAQ/ Help

FAQ: About the Game

Q | What is “Learning is Earning 2026”?

Learning is Earning 2026 provides a 36-hour window to drive innovative ideas about the future of working, learning, and living from a broad cross-section of the working learner community. The game will run from 9:00 a.m., CST on March 8 through 9:00 p.m., CST on March 9.

The game uses IFTF’s Foresight Engine™ platform, designed by world-renowned game designer Jane McGonigal. This is a powerful but easy-to-use gaming environment for imagining a variety of different futures. Participants in the experience use “cards” to play brief, length ideas. They can expand upon one another’s cards to create “builds” as players debate, extend, and pose questions about other players ideas. The longer the chains, the richer the ideas—and the more points players win.


Q | Why focus on the future? Don’t we have enough pressing decisions today?

By thinking creatively and boldly about the longer-term future, we can make more informed and strategically sound decisions today.


Q | Why should I MAKE time to do this?

You can make a meaningful contribution in less than five minutes. The game is a fast, easy, fun way to make sure your ideas are included in the vision of the future of learning and earning.

If everyone played just one 140-character idea, we’d have thousands of ideas in no time at all. Many find that the conversations happening in the game are engaging and will want to spend more time exploring possible directions—virtually—with people you may never have met before..

Q | Will I get recognition for my ideas?

The game is designed around winning! And there are lots of ways to win. Your ideas may be marked “Super Interesting” by a game guide. Or they may be highlighted in the real-time game blog. And like any good game, you’ll have the chance to level up and unlock achievement awards as you earn points along the way.

Q | What’s the purpose of the provocative future video? Isn’t it just one view of the future?

Sometimes one good story about the future is the best way to explore all the possible innovations. This video is designed to be provocative, to immerse us in the world of 2026 and to challenge our familiar ways of thinking about working, learning, and living. It also challenges our basic assumptions about how the world might change.

Q | What happens after the game? Will we see the results?

Yes, you’ll see the results in multiple forms:

  • Live analysis will highlight key themes and winning ideas via the Learning Is Earning game blog and Twitter as the game progresses.
  • A post-game memo will be released approximately 4 weeks after Learning is Earning 2026 with results, analysis, and synthesis.

HELP: Navigating the Game

Q | What are the rules of the game? Spare me no details!

Head here and you’ll find out all the details: <<insert how to play link here >>

Q | What do I have to do to register for the game?

Go to LearningIsEarning2026.org, watch the video, and click LOG IN / SIGN UP, then choose CREATE NEW to create a:

  • Player Name
  • Add your Email
  • Select a password

It will also prompt you to upload your Avatar and to enter some optional information (see Privacy Notes below).

Q: Where do I go to play the game if I’ve already registered?

Click on LOG IN / SIGN UP in the upper right hand corner of the game.

In the pop-up window, enter your Player Name and password to begin playing. If you forget your password, you can request a new one.

Q | What do I do if I forget my Player Name?

There is no automated way to retrieve a Player Name. You can try the following:

  • Create a new player, using a new email address. Click on the upper right hand corner where it says LOG IN / SIGN UP, and complete a new sign up process.
  • Send an email to LearningIsEarning2026@iftf.org. Include your email address and request your Player Name. It may take a while for the game guides  to respond.

Q | How can I view my personal profile?

On the upper right where it says Hello, Player Name, select My Profile from the dropdown menu. Your basic profile information is set up when you create a player. As you play cards, more information is added. You cannot change the information in your profile once it is set up.

Q | Nothing happens when I sign in (or I get a time-out message).

Please report the problem to: LearningIsEarning2026@iftf.org

Q | How do I see a card chain?

  1. Click on a card.
  2. As the next screen opens, any follow-on cards will appear below at the bottom.
  3. If the card you clicked on is a follow-on to a previous card, you’ll see a large number

above it, which you can click on to step up the chain.

Q | I can only see my position in the leaderboard, but I can’t see those at the top. How do I know who’s leading the game?

From the DASHBOARD click “next” until you scroll to Most Forecasting Points.

The Most Forecasting Points column shows all the players in the order of points earned.

Q | How do I follow another player?

  1. Click the player’s name.
  2. Click the + icon in the upper right hand corner of their player profile screen.

The + sign turns yellow, and all of that player’s cards show up on the dashboard under the Players I’m Following column.

Q | How do I track a card?

By favoriting it! Click the star in the upper right corner of the card. When you click the star, it will turn yellow and that card will be listed on your dashboard in the Cards I’m Tracking column.

Q | Can I see if other players are following me?

No, and they can’t see if you’re following them.

Q | How do cards get marked as Super Interesting?

Game guides mark cards as Super Interesting. The game guides are constantly watching the flow of cards to pick out the most novel and innovative ideas they see.

When a card is marked as Super Interesting, the card is labeled as such, plus the card appears in the column of Super Interesting cards on the dashboard. (Use the slider arrows to move from column to column on the dashboard.)

Q | I use a screen reader; what’s the best way for me to experience the game?

The Foresight Engine is a social technology and has dynamic content that automatically refreshes every several seconds. Much like the accessibility experience other social media applications, the game functionality can cause disruptions when using screen readers. Unfortunately this specific performance and interaction requires much more development however, we can immediately address and offer some alternative ways for players using readers to both participate and have a curated experience of the game.


For the game experience
First, we are serving up a curated experience of the game via with reader-friendly text summaries of the big builds from the game on the game blog. The big builds give a quick sense of the key themes emerging from the game so far.


For game participation
We suggest the best way to play cards is via Twitter. Here’s how:

  • Compose a tweet and using one of the following hashtags:







You will be identified in the game by your Twitter handle. If you cards ignite builds you will see them in the reader-friendly summaries of the curated builds here.


Q | What should I do if a player is abusing the platform in some way?

Game guides make every effort to avoid censorship during a Foresight Engine game. If you see a specific card that seems inappropriate, you can flag that card for game guide review by clicking the flag icon on the card. If the game guides determine that the card is in violation of the community standards, the card will be removed from the platform.

I if someone is using the game in ways not intended by the platform or if language is abusive / in violation of our community standards (see below), the game guides  can take action to remove a player’s cards.  Please report problem players to: LearningIsEarning2026@iftf.org

Q | What are the community standards for the game?

First and foremost, be kind to one another. The Foresight Engine is a forum for individuals to express their hopes, concerns, and personal predictions about the future. In order to ensure that it remains a community that is welcoming and open to everyone, we ask that everyone follow these community norms:


  • Hate Speech
  • Sexually Explicit or Graphic Content
  • Violence or Threats
  • Bullying or Harassment

The Foresight Engine is a place for your imagination to run wild. While we invite you to challenge existing norms, institutions, practices, services, and more, we do not permit discrimination against groups or individuals based on sexual orientation, gender, race, ethnicity, disability, medical condition, national origin, legal status, or religion.

We reserve the right to remove any content that violates these standards. We encourage participants to report inappropriate behavior by clicking the flag icon on any card. Please note that this will send the card to a moderator for review but does not guarantee that it will be removed from the site.


Q | What happens if there are technical issues during the game?

IFTF updated the Foresight Engine(TM) platform with brand new technology for the futures games of 2016.


We have added features such as mobile card play and big build card data visualization and many other features!


This included recent focused improvements for speed and performance upgrades from February’s massive Envision UCDavis game (with over 24k futures played).


Just like the speed of innovation and the evolution of most new social technologies—much like life and the future—unforseen things can always happen.

While we have the utmost confidence in our platform certain dynamics come with the success of lots of engagement and we could still break our games in new ways because of things we don’t yet understand.


Again—it is new technology AND it is a game and a social experiment. We encourage all players to approach our games with a relaxed, playful, and patient mindset.


When thinking about the future we always encourage those who co-think with us to be comfortable with some risk, disruption and uncertainty. (I was reminded by my colleague Jane McGonigal that all of her biggest successful public games have broken at some point).


We encourage the player whole community to embrace the fragility that comes with gaming and total unexpected success and most of all BE PLAYFUL!


A Few Tips:

  • PLAY EARLY. Game starts at 9 am (CST) on March 8 and runs for 36 hours only. For best results we recommend playing early.
  • PLAY FROM TWITTER. If you find that there are breaks, time outs or application errors, people can always play cards via Twitter with the game #LearnPositive and #LearnShadow hashtags
  • REMEMBER Be patient, gameful and playful.