Expanding the scope of what is tracked on the Ledger

In the Learning is Earning video scenario, the Ledger is being used to track Edublocks–things you learn. But players are thinking about ways to track skills and experiences that aren’t normally on a school transcript.

For example, player Emily Schoerning suggests using the Ledger for community activism and organizing.

Investigate card text reads: I think that could be one of the skills tracked by THe Ledger - activism and organizing. How would we know a person was effective at this?

Player PD brings it to a more practical level. What if we could teach and track basic life skills, such as filing taxes, buying a car or a home?

Imagine if schools taught basic life skills, taxes, buying cars, a home, and guidance on how to manage money.

And player YG invites us to think about putting skills to use outside of work in the traditional employer/employee relationship. Imagine: what if the Ledger could track the skills and experiences of individuals in a community so that a group can understand what resources are collectively available? Then they can use that knowledge and data and to coordinate a project that could benefit a neighborhood, a soccer league, or a PTA group?

Card text reads: Honestly seems like it could be fun. It wouldn't all have to be employer/employee relationships. Maybe coops could form as well.

What do you think would emerge in a future in which what you study is tracked , but so are all of the projects, jobs, gigs, and challenges you’ve used what you’ve learned to complete?  Come imagine the future with us at Learning is Earning 2026!