Learning is Earning 2026 Top 20

Here are some conversations that sparked a lot of curiosity and imagination among our players…. these are top 20 scoring collaborations of the game so far!

Coaching to help people choose a focus

Coaching to help people choose a focus

A future where a new career path opens up to those who can help learners navigate the unbounded learning opportunities inherent in The Ledger. Using taxonomies of knowledge, Big Picture Schools, and match.com-style apps for mentor matching, learners get coaching in everything from leadership and life management to identifying their passions and setting goals and development paths. “That would be an amazing job!”

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Goodbye grades, hello experience points

Grades were done away with in 2021, become experience points

A future where learning is tracked through various platforms that make grading obsolete; instead, the focus is on motivation and engagement, leading to sabbaticals exclusively reserved for learning.

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Incentivization of wide skill sets

Incentivization of wide skill sets

A future where generalists are valued for not only being more creative and innovative, adapting better to changing environments, and are solid problem-solvers but are also happier in the workforce.

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Universities will return your payment if their services don’t deliver

Universities will return your payment if their services don't deliver

A future where the value of the university is called into question…and quantified, leading to a slew of alternative business models as learners stay on the Ledger for longer and longer, delaying or even avoiding entirely entering into the “traditional” education system.

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Highly obscure/rare edublocks preserved and passed along by fringe learners

Highly obscure/rare edublocks preserved and passed along by fringe learners

A future where rare and highly sought after skills and competencies which might be difficult to learn (and are complex to acquire) surface. In addition, only a few teachers and mentors can teach these. These blocks are reserved for special highly sought after edublock apprenticeships and this requires a leveling up of blocks – but since the ledger is transparent anyone can see and find out what is required to get these rare blocks. A grey market actually pushes more learners to engage at a higher level and encourages more cross generational learning.

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Assessing strengths 

We need an assessment tool along with this currency

This conversation explored a future where the Ledger, having tracked an individual’s learning, earning, and teaching over time, is able to identify an individual’s strengths and share that back with them. While some applaud this advancement, others worry about the potential consequences of having people only explore areas where they are naturally gifted.

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Artificial Intelligence makes the Ledger obsolete

Artificial Intelligence makes the Ledger obsolete

A future where we see massive human unemployment and the crash of the Ledger as Artificial Intelligence rises to prominence and slowly but surely takes over jobs. People turn to alternate, non-“work” activities as they start to rebuild society.

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Measuring quality of experience

measuring quality of experience

How can we measure quality versus quantity? While nothing is better than first hand experience, a first pass includes a mix of peer endorsements and sorting via artificial intelligence.

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No ledger, no job

No ledger, no job

Could the Ledger, and profit sharing from skills, be written into job contracts? This cluster discusses a future in which employment decisions by both employers and employees are based on Edublock credit and usage–leaving those with no Ledger accounts behind.

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Building in child protection

Building in child protection

A future where children start earning edublocks at the beginning of their education, but, due to concerns with privacy and possible issues with child labor laws, have a protected minor’s account, with restrictions on earning.

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What if The Ledger becomes corrupt? Could a generation lose….based on an experiment?

7. What if The Ledger becomes corrupt? Could a generation lose....based on an experiment?

A future where concerns about system failure are addressed by robust, redundant, reliable systems, emphasizing open standards, no single point of failure, and even quantum computing is invoked, creating a holographic system where every Edublock has an encoded description of every other block. Scaling up decreases the potential for corruptibility because more people (or machines) verify the data. Still, The Ledger is not a complete system, just as the internet is not a complete marketplace.

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Commodification of leisure activities

Commodification of leisure activities


A future where a tension arises between doing things for fun and doing things for credit, leading to a flurry of innovation and mandated “down time” for everyone, and a number of educators and institutions crying foul, as they defend the ability for their programs to be simultaneously fun, relaxing, enriching, and educational.

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How do employers make sense of all this? Infinite block options create confusion…

How do employers make sense of all this? Infinite block options create confusion

Employers wonder how they might navigate a diverse landscape of EduBlocks. It should be possible to wayfind though a mix of top-down branded blocks from accredited institutions, and bottom-up crowd sourced sense making. What it really comes down to though is compelling storytelling. How does a potential employee tell their story, and how does it fit in with the employers narrative?

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 Degenerative brain diseases=losing your edublocks

Degenerative brain diseases=losing your edublocks

A future where your Edublocks are linked to your current capacities and capabilities, and as your memory fades, you get out of practice, are injured on the job, or in any other way lose that skill, you lose access to that edublock. Refresher courses pop up and “re-certification” firms abound, as well as personal Edublock archives, preserving a view of skills past. However, people always retain access to the Edublocks for what they have taught, and the residual income supports them into their old age.

The card that started it all: What about people with degenerative brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s – can you lose edublocks as you lose access to that information?

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Being in the moment

Being in the moment

A future where the Ledger picks up on and awards you Edublocks for your unintentional or peripheral learning while also feeding you recommendations of what you should be learning next.

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How does everyone have access?

How does everyone have access?

A future where the Ledger becomes the center of several initiatives to reach people who previously weren’t connected with traditional education systems or for whom the system didn’t work. But as outreach ramps up, so do questions about pushing the systems and values on others, and the possible dangers of intervening with different societies or ways of life.

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 Love the Learning, What about the earning?

Love the Learning, What about the earning?

This big build relates to the question of incentives. If learning is linked ever more closely to earning, where does that leave us in terms of intrinsic learning?

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Build the system to ensure inclusion…don’t want to become lost arts

Build the system to ensure inclusion...don’t want to become lost arts

Rare skills that require hands-on learning will increase access to edublocks and employment opportunities.  How could the ledger define experiences that are not yet quantified by/on the ledger?

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Seeing Clear Learning Paths

Seeing Clear Learning Paths

A future where the data from the Ledger unveils the multitude of pathways to jobs and gigs. People who once thought they were stuck in dead-end jobs or had no marketable skills are altered to how their experience can be applied differently, allowing us to redefine the types of learning pathways we most value and promote.

The card that started it all: People can see clear learning paths (or better yet, varied learning paths) to specific jobs.

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Integrating legacy into the ledger

Integrating legacy into the ledger


But what about the learning that happened BEFORE the ledger? Doesn’t it count? This is the question millions of people will ask themselves in 2026. One idea is that we will  “test out” via pre-Ledger certifications. This could kick off  a boon of legacy certification systems and more. The transition time will be challenging, to be sure.

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Libraries as Hubs for Learning and Working

If learning is earning, then libraries are going to be an important part of this ecosystem. Kate and Lauren forecast that libraries will rise up as ‘hot spots’ for learning.

Foresight Engine Card In Response To:  Students would be able to stody and work at their own hours, even before college.  A resurgence of libraries as a place for learning for all, or educational 'hot spots' could be formed

Foresight Engine Card In Response To:  A resurgence of libraries as a place for learning for all, or educational 'hot spots' could be formed  Libraries become huge learning centers with rooms for locals to plan community lectures/learning programs. Lets go hang at the library!

Kate points out that libraries could be an ideal institution to help track skill points, or edublocks.

Foresight Engine Card In Response To:  What type of new services could libraries offer in 2026?  Libraries could help develop portals to track incoming skill points, as well as skill counseling (like career services now)

Imagine a world where you can go to your local library, pick up some new skills, and earn enough to pay the bills.

Shaelyn takes the concept of the library a step further, imagining the whole world as a learning network – “Its one big library!”

Foresight Engine Card In Response To:  What would YOU want to do in this future? What great things could happen?  Humanity is able to accelerate faster having a large network to learn from that we all can access. It is one big library!