Future Job Titles

In the future world of the next decade, continuous learning might enable new and creative jobs for people–more flexible education could lead to more flexible ways to make a living! A lot of awesome ideas have been popping up on the Learning is Earning 2026 Foresight Engine! Some of them are from the (not so far future):

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While some people seem to think that no matter what, there are some things that are always going to be important:

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Learning medicine in 2026

The future of learning will impact many different industries, including health and medicine. Some of the players on the Learning is Earning Foresight Engine have been expressing hope that new forms of educational tracking will help improve medicine:

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Including some who envision that technology will directly contribute to better outcomes.

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Maybe learning anywhere, and learning that goes beyond a specific certification, could lead to more cross-sector innovations like this.

Tracking learning in new ways could even provide rewards for people forced into situations by chance. What if you could eventually get compensated for going through complicated health bureaucracy, by being able to prove you’re now knowledgeable about it?

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This kind of situational or experience-based wisdom is often under-represented. Maybe if real-world experiences can be valued more highly, surviving some traumatic or difficult experiences may eventually qualify someone as a better teacher or guide.

Teaching in an edublock world

In a world where learning is distributed and can happen anywhere, is there a need for specialized teachers?

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Player Shila Mulford brings up this really important point. If learning is happening everywhere, will teaching still be a necessary discipline?

Teachers are on the front lines of education, and provide a lot more than just content delivery. They can be counselors, mentors, and provocateurs along with bearers of knowledge. Perhaps if content delivery becomes a less important role, these other qualities will become more important.

Even if people are learning continuously, there will still be a need for guides, facilitators, and mentors to help people structure their journey through life, and provide clues and opportunities when they get stuck.

No matter what, there will always be people who love helping teach others, like Player RG_Beats:

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The danger and potential of tracking

Player MRH brought up a really good point about the possible downsides of constant, permanent tracking:

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Constant monitoring and tracking can lead to heavy consequences, which is why juvenile criminal records can be expunged or sealed under certain circumstances. What happens if we build a system without these special affordances?

However, if we plan properly, we can build technical systems that support the positive sides of greater personal data collection in education, as was brought up by Player Beth Biggerstaff:

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 9.58.06 AM

With greater data analytics, and finer-grained recording of educational activities. Things like “creativity” could finally be modeled and tracked, potentially providing more justification for funding in institutions.

In 2026, does this blog post prove I can write?

There are so many ways to demonstrate learning, some of them effective and some not. Many times people with a degree get into professional work only to find they don’t have the necessary skills, and many qualified people find they can’t get into jobs because they lack the formal credentials.

In this card, player Chris Protos is responding to the questions, "What would you want to do in this future? What great things could happen?" Their answer is, "Power-up edublocks with "doer-blocks". For every solution you share with the crowd, your edublock count in the ledger is multiplied.

Player Chris Protos’s idea of using “doer-blocks” as a way to address this dilemma is interesting–it is like the equivalent of a resume as opposed to a college degree. Maybe instead of having edublocks that are more trustworthy based on where they came from, they are verified by what you do with them! This proves out that the knowledge was valuable.

Player klansing brought up another suggestion:

In this card, player klansing is responding to the question "what would you want to do in this future? What great things could happen?" Their response is, "industries, or even companies, could create their own tailored edublocks to recruit and train a built-in pipeline of workers.

Industries creating edublocks could use doer-blocks connected to their credentials to verify that their courses are having the desired effects!

How does learning become doing? What is the new meaning of “experience?”